Sunday, September 28, 2008


With the bounty of the weekly farmers market full of fall flavors and the last vestiges of summer, and the mornings with a brisk, mid 50s chill it is time to break out the wines that hug. I'm speaking of Loire reds. Mmm.

I love old wine maps. (Hint: x-mas/bday/anytime gifts for me.)

Sadly, none of my favorite LDM wines are available here in my lovely state. (Side note: Indiana seems to be tilting toward the blue side. Blue being my favorite color, of course. The BF was telling me it went to "white" which meant a Obama/McScary tie, which for us, is fantabulous. Everyone needs to register to vote (for Senator O) in IN.) So no Baudry or Breton for me (Although I have some Breton @ my Sister's house in ChiChi.) There was some strage $40 Chinon at the liquor store down the street that I wasn't too familiar with, and the "wine guy" (I must mock him, he is never helpful, he told me the Telmo "Basa," "has to be 100% Verdejo", and I wanted to retort "That's not what Telmo said.") Said it was "very good, especially if you don't like Cab Franc". So I passed. But I found one last lonely bottle of the Chanteleuserie Bourgueil Vieilles Vignes 2005 for $15 and snatched it up. (See a VLM Bourgeuil comparison report here.)

Chanteleuserie Bourgeuil Vieilles Vignes 2005, $15, 13% abv
Super-value. Rustic, concentrated dark blackberry liquor with only a faint hint of leafyness. Should have decanted or at least opened the bottle a little earlier because things were a bit firm and not so nice at first. But then it came into it's own, and had some killer balance of acidity. I was impressed. I don't know if I like the VV or the Beauvais better...I'm leaning toward the VV. If you see this, it's totally worth the $. A firm, yet approachable '05 Bourg. Great with some roasted squash with sage and thyme turkey tenderloins! Yummers.

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