Thursday, June 12, 2008

Summer, Beer, and Barolo

Welcome to Summer In Chicago! You may think it's early August with these temps in the upper 80s, but you are mistaken! It's early June! I am drinking lots of beer! I should say, was. I looked down at my gut and said, you are why too much beer is bad for me (even though it tastes oh so good).

Anyway, Andersonville's Hopleaf bar/gastropub is fantabulous. Amazing encyclopedic beer seleciton, heavy on the Belgians. If you're eating, get the mussels. I won't tell you about the secret upstairs bar. Oh, and this place gets busy.

Secondly, Riesling rules. (But we already knew that.)

Third, the ladies at Lush rule because they have a fab selection (Will someone PLEASE buy me a bottle of 1996 Philipponnat Clos de Goisses for my birthday?! It'll look PERFECT next to the bottle of 1996 Salon that someone will buy for me!)

Finally: Happy Birthday CASEY! You should check out some of her work because she is supertastic!


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