Friday, June 13, 2008

Pork and honestly Alsacian

Damn it, I need to find my camera. Hold on. I'm going to go look for it now. So I scoured my apartment and it was sitting next to me on my desk. I'm awesome.

Anyway! Yesterday I had a few fantastic gastronomic experiences.

1. Spring onions. I bought a bunch because they looked pretty. I just chopped them until they were about 5" long and roasted them in the oven for about 20 minutes with some oil and salt and they tasted like candy! (I love the onion.) New spring favorite!

2. Pencil thin asparagus--raw. When asparagus is good, you can eat it like a carrot.

3. Brining pork. My pork muse, Carl, told me to brine a pork roast. I did, only for about 6 hours, but goodness, it was tasty and moist. The first time I avoided dryness! I also coated it with a cider vinegar/mustard/molasses glaze. Mmm.

4. Albert Boxler Chasselas 2005 Alsace --Amazingly, it paired perfectly with the pork. I really wanted a bottle of 2002 Roederer Rose Champagne but my friends were like, "Not the rose." so I grabbed the Boxler. Wowza! For a wine made from a so-called less-than-noble variety, it was f-ing tasty! You could taste the heat of '05 and the typical richness of Alsace (which I've been craving lately), with some lovely ripe yellow apple, yellow apricot/peachy notes, and a perfect texture, that sort of weaves itself between sublte acidity and a lightly creamy medium body. It flirts with richness but keeps itself under control. Boxler, seriously, you rock. Pork, you rock, too.

Although it's not so sunny here in ChiChi today, I am going to head afoot to find some shopping, friends, and some lunch.

Cheers to the weather in the 70s!


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Blogger Kate Korroch said...

i have your camera AND your umbrella.


9:51 PM  

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