Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A Fluttering of Summer-worthy other whites!


To inaugurate our new apartment I popped a few bottles of summery interesting whites:
(We haven’t been able to drink much due to Jason’s mountain of homework.)

Suore Cistercensi 2006 Vino de Tavola Bianco Coenobium (Lazio)
50% Verdiccio, 25% Grechetto, 25% Trebbiano Toscano, 12.5% abv ($20.99) Organically grown.

From the delicate hands of Cistercian Nuns who farm organically, via Rosenthal and Bea, come this little gem of a white wine from Lazio. The depth from the verdicchio sends this wine to the memorable side of the table (I can’t find any verdicchio here in Indiana, I know not.) Lots of body and richness, without unnecessary alcohol or oak, and a definite lees-influenced character, this wine is just so damned interesting and tasty. Like tangerine, straw, stones, and honey all rolled up into one, with tons of body yet a stalwart acidity as a backbone. Not at all limp or two-dimensional. I should buy a case of this. A few of my friends had sips of it and were like “wow.” Definitely worth the price.

Amestoi Rubentia Txakolina (GetariakoTxakolina) 2007
90% Hondarribi Zuri, 10% Hondarribi Beltza 11% abv ($14.99)

I got this for a STEAL (I saw this bottle priced $20+ other places). I love love love Txakoli, it’s so unique, quaffable and, when you get rockin’ examples like this, very minerally and place expressive. You get that lime and blossom aroma, with tons of chalky/slatey minerality and a whiff of the ocean. Little tiny amount of spritz and some razor acidity. Yum yum, a little minty, lime, green apple, sea water, mountain stream on the palate. So scrumptious with summer veggies or sushi. I probably love this example because it was oh so Riesling-y. Very recommended for $15-18, but maybe not for $22.

Domaine l’Ecu Muscadet Sevre et Maine Sur Lie “Expression de Gneiss” 2005
(Guy Bossard) ($14.99) BioD grown.
After reading glowing reviews of Bossard’s wines and finally finding one (and how it got to Southern Indiana is a miracle), I grabbed it. I like Muscadet, and find it charming, quaffable, and a sort of intrinsically “French” white wine. Never giving itself over to you fully. Always restrained and not uber-candy-yummy, but sort of savory yet refreshing. This was no exception but with tons of complexity to boot. Should buy some more and age it for 8+ years. Tons of electric tension in this BioD wine, weightier and very structured and taut yet with the underlying minerality and some more fruit ripeness than typically expected of Muscadet. A bitter yellow apple not with an salty/herby/stony sort of backbone. Hard to put this wine to words. But SO GOOD. KILLER for the price and fun to pair with food. Herbs and seafood with some sort of cream sauce.



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