Friday, September 05, 2008

Woes of SB

Sauvignon, I love and hate you.

Just a note on SB. I have very sepecific cravings for SB on occasion...more specifically for the herb-tinged Loire-style minerally versions of SB. Think Cheverney or some cheapy Touraine SB. that's what I love. But do I think that SB is a wine we should spend over $20 for. Nope. Yes Didier makes some amazing renditions, not to mention some rockin' sockin' Styrian SB, but still, is it that profound. I'd easily spend $20+ on Chenin, Chard, or Riesling (which is an easy thing to do nowadays), but SB, no. Maybe even a Verdicchio or Albarino. The yummy factor and "completeness" of these greats seems to outshine the simple quench factor of SB. SB does not age well, aside from maybe a couple of lucky examples. It misses a few points aromatically and on the tongue that really can't be made up for.

There you go. Very vague, but you get the drift.


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