Thursday, October 02, 2008

Hump Day Bubblies

Oliver Winery, Sparkling Vidal Blanc, Creekbend Vineyard, 2006, $25, 12.5% abv

I adore this bottle of bubbly for its immense drinkability. Aged less than a year on the lees places this bubbly on the light, fresh, yet somewhat profound. Made from estate-grown vidal blanc from the Creekbend Vineyard, the foremost vineyard in the state (and one of the foremost in the central Midwest) and given a very hands-on treatment, with all aspects of bottling done by hand—disgorging, dosage, and corking. Most interesting of all is the actual dosage—made by adding a dollop of Oliver’s Vidal Blanc Ice Wine. Although not designated on the label, this bottling tastes like a the sweeter side of Brut, but not quite Extra Dry. The ice wine gives the bubbly a little more body and depth of honey/apricot richness. Deep golden color, medium-sized bubbles, this bubbly has gained some complexity since release, softer and richer, and could even go a few more years. Aromas of apricot, meyer lemon, and slightly underipe peach, and peach pit, refreshing, a balance of acidity and richness, and a touch of sweetness that keeps it from being at all bitter.

All in all, one of the most unique and satisfying non-Champers bubbly I’ve had in a little while. For some reason it reminds me of Francois Pinon’s NV Petillant.

A perfect way to drink local, always my creed, and also advocated by an awesome post by Jeff @ GoodGrape.


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