Thursday, October 16, 2008


Coming back to Indiana, I wanted to take advantage of being in a semi-rural setting, enjoying the bounty of a left-leaning, local-loving community. I pretty much only patronize local businesses and obsess about the local farmer’s market during its season. So I met an extremely nice lady at the market who sold me a whole 4 lb chicken! She even showed pictures of the chickens and invited us to see the farm. She told me that they eat what they should eat, therefore the bird is quite flavorful and that I shouldn’t do anything fancy with it.

So, last Wednesday I was planning on cooking the bird when I decided to go see Sen. Obama in Indy. I thought to myself, I need to show my state’s support. Indiana always votes red, and this year is an exception. Most polls show the race tightening, and I’m thinking positive.

I arrived home, beaming, ready to get things started. I knew my candidates would appreciate this meal’s tiny carbon footprint and my support for local business (JLT would love the Ag support). I love roasted chicken and found a super easy, albeit HOT, recipe. I just stuffed the cavity with local thyme, rosemary and (sadly, not local) cracked black pepper, rained salt and pepper on the outside, trussed the bird and stuck it in the oven for about one hour at 450F. Simple, honest, and confident. I did roast it over some local sweet potatoes and onions so the fat wouldn’t smoke (and so the potatoes would get GOOD). Success! (I could have cooked it 10 min less.)


Right in the middle of harvest season I decided to pop open some 2006 Chardonel from Oliver’s Creekbend Vineyard. Yes, a Chardonnay wannabe, but has a distinctiveness about it. No, not my favorite white wine EVER, but excellent, balanced and perfect with the crispy-skinned bird and sweet potatoes and local broccoli. A deeper gold than I expected from a young Chardonel, no pronounced oak flavor, but a richness and a honey tone that lend me to think a little oak was there, but it was far from spoofilated. Quite an honest wine, more Chassagne than Napa. Full-bodied, dry honey, lemon rind, baked apple, and a broad texture, with a lovely little bitter finish.

And please, if you happen to be in the Northeastern chunk of Indiana, please vote for Mike Montagano…I’d love to see a Dem take my hometown/area/district away from the current horrible, horrible congressman. And the DNC decided to invest $500,000 in Mike’s race!

Thank you.


Blogger Kate Korroch said...

AMAZING. :) Did I tell you that we don't have an oven. Ovens aren't a thing here. . . This post makes me REALLY want an oven.

I hope you are having fun in ChiChi!

4:11 PM  

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