Monday, April 07, 2008


I dedicate this post to the passing of a lovely New Orleans wine shop.

On Saturday I experienced a bit of food nirvana...more on that later, it will take some time to accurately describe how people and pig got me closer to perfection.

I have to mention Saturday quickly, because the first serendipitous encounter happened right before the pig dinner. Out of all of the apartments in Chicago, this dinner was taking place in teh exact same building on Eastlake in Rogers Park that my friends Julie & Zane reside. Upon exiting the cab with my coworkers, I say "Hey, my friends live in this building. Look! There's one now!" Zane was arriving home from work as we walked up to the building.

Sunday, yesterday, was a sunny spring day. Jason, Kate and I headed up to Andersonville, quite possibly one of the best places to stroll on a weekend, with every other restaurant advertising SUNDAY BRUNCH. We had a bottle of Schramsberg's NV Brut "Mirabelle" in tow and headed up to m. henry for brunch. Upon leaving we crossed paths with my friend Theresa, on her bike on the way to church, who lives in a Stone Soup co-op right on Ashland, a block from my place. m. henry, which shares its name with myself, after a much-too-long wait did deliver a fantastic brunch at great prices.

The first two serendipitous meetings didn't even come close to the final one. We were just jaunting down Clark stopping in places like the Brown Elephant and window shopping at Urbanest, when we hopped into In Fine Spirits. (A very nice little wine shop, but a store I would like to see with more a interesting, off-the-beaten-path, and old-world selection. I think it's a touch too new-world for me.) Upon entering Jason exclaimed "It's you!" to this woman working at the store. I was like, oh, she looks oddly familiar, but whatever. She smiled and exclaimed some and then Jason said "Sip, right!?" Oh. My. God. Yes! Jennifer was the proprietress of a kick-ass little wine shop right on Magazine Street in New Orleans. Jason and I went there all the time when he lived on Constance. We went to their weekly sip-n-spin tastings and always grabbed a bottle for dinner.

Sip, even though they had a mention in the NYTimes a while back, had, unfortunately, closed its doors. Jennifer told us that she had "cut her teeth" in the wine biz here in ChiChi (just like me!), and she came back here because Sip was just too much work and didn't pan out the way she planned. Luckily she seems to be doing well here in 'Cago, especially because she gets to hang in A-Ville and work at a fab little shop.

We tasted a few wines with her and looked around, and I was just awestruck that life had come full-circle in two places I love so much and all connected by wine!

It's a sign of some sort.


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