Saturday, March 29, 2008


I sit listening to dance music and wait for spring. Spring is going to the return to hardcore riesling and bubbles drinking (not that I didn't guzzle those midwinter) sitting outside with my friends with some fruit and fromage. We've vowed to seize the summer and get outside. Daily runs along the lake, picnics, Hollywood beach, Ravinia, and tons of free shit!

Speaking of my friends, I think they should get some link-ups!

Since half of Bloomington moved to ChiChi, here are my faves!
  • Kate, who's doing some kick-ass art, lives across the street from me. It's dangerous.
  • Miss Casey, also an amazing artist, lives close by and makes me smile as she did when she was my roomie for three years!
  • Some IU theatre-folks who are tryin' to inspire the big Chi.
  • Co-worker super-Carl and his porkiliciousness.

In wine-lusciousness I got to taste some motherfuckinkickass Burgundies--again a lesson that terroir does matter. The best Savigny-les-Beaune Blanc that I've ever had (Flowers and Chalk) and a rouge Corton-Hautes Mourottes Grand Cru 2005 that was totally a more svelte Barolo (Violets and Dirt).

My favorite affordable wine of the day was a really esoteric, funky, and high-yum-factor white from the Fiefs Vendéens (You have to find this esoteric Loire-ish AOC for yourself.), Dom. St. Nicolas, a rockin', affordable, BioD producer of truly unique and yum wines. Chenin/Chardonnay, fresh, acidity kissed, not too-ripe, gulpable, uber-food friendly. I heart it.

Summer, hurry.


Blogger Kate Korroch said...

Thanks for the link!

My mom just linked oyu in her blog!

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