Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Fat Packer

My reaction to the recent NYTimes article.
I read the NYTimes food section religiously, especially for Asimov's outstanding wine writing (and a similar taste preference to my own).

The Times published an article today about fat foodies and fat foodies loosing weight. Now, I understand the point of the article, and I think it is important to show their transformations, but it is presumptuous to assume that all foodies overindulge in pork fat (which is delicious, by the way).

True foodies know how to balance indulgence and exercise, and know how to limit themselves. The latter is no easy feat for me, especially, when I'm known as the garbage disposal among my friends. But you have to realize that it's not about eating pasta and pork at all times. In the summer, foodies relish the fresh produce and, I, personally, eat very little meat in the summer, and tons of fresh produce--as much as I can get my paws on.

Foodies appreciate what they put into their bodies. We don't just grab McD's if we need to eat, we have to scrounge for something tasty and honest.

And I have to be careful what I eat, or the reflux attacks.


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