Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Biodynamique! or Loire again!

Today I hit up a tiny, focused and awesome tasting. Naturally produced Loire Valley wines (with two wines from the Luberon that snuck in). ROCK IT. I was pumped, and rightfully so. We got to taste from the Fiefs all the way to Sancerre (which is more Burgundy than not). Chenin wins! (Sorry Sauvignon I could care less about you when Chenin is around.)

This is the sexy beast.

The ghost of Nicolas Joly was haunting me.
He, alone, hooked me on Loire wines, and unknowingly on BioD.
Why does this have to be so damn good and interesting?
First transcendent wine experience.
Daddy of BioD. (Granddaddy Steiner)

Anyway, back to the tasting. I loved the delicacy off most of the wines, the bubbles were fantastarific, got to taste Eric Bordelet's awesome, AWESOME ciders with the cidermaster himself! These organic ciders are more wine-like than the crappity carbonated ciders you may be thinking of. Very very complex bottles. There is Eric next to one of his 300-year-old pear trees that he harvests from. Look at him shake it! He's cool and a little crazy.

Had some very sexy Savennieres (my personal fave AOC), some charming bubbles, a rocking Cot (aka Malbec) with some freshness and cut and wanted me to drink it. The Fiefs Vendeens were rockin'. Some other nicely fresh Cab Francs, specially the St.-Nicolas-de-Bourgeuil. Yum. I appreciate the Dom Roches Neuves, but I feel the winemaking and ripeness sort of gets in the way of the charm of the wine. The Chenin was totally barrel-y in a very well-made way, but not in an interesting way. Same with the Marginale--OAK TANNINS! Not oak flavor, but more like, hey baby wine, go back to bed for a few years. That was my only drawback. It was faboo to meet people who worked so hard to make delicious, honest, earth friendly wines. This, along with too many overmanipulated, overripe, uninteresting, fruit nukes, brought me back to Europe with a ravenous need for more Loire goodness.

I came home and had some dry Mosel riesling, but don't tell chenin I'm cheating on him.


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