Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Oh, the countryside and the snow...

Yes, I am finally drinking the vino tinto, after the struggle against it, I want some red wine.

And red wine food.

So I didn't have much wine, and didn't want to break the bank, like you often have to do for an interesting and/or powerful red. I did not want to get one of those international-styled reds, I wanted something with character and a sense of where it's from.

I have my Vietti Perbacco Nebbiolo chillaxin' for something more special. So I grabbed a Salice Salentino and an inexpensive aglianico. Then I did a sort of northern Italian-inspired braised beef dish with the aglianico, and it rocked, but I wish I would have been more regionally accurate, but hey. The Terradora Aglianico IGT Compania was rockin, not as funky/earthy as I like, but really great body, aromatics, not overly alcoholic, and very very good to braise. Wine is fun.


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