Wednesday, March 12, 2008


I've been trying to address the previous posts question for the last twenty-four hours or so. In between shlepping cases of wine, that is.

Been drinking some surprising Pinot from Digioia-Royer--this 2005 Bourgogne, which I find to be fascinating. It's like $16, and from a teensy, Chambolle-Musigny-based producer, and has been touted by a few of my cohorts as a "baby Chambolle". I don't think of it as "baby" at all, but, value, hella yes. This producer owns like 4 hecares or something crazy like that. Anyways, it's not as light and ethereal as I think of in a little Bourgogne, but has some really great structure, pretty present tannins, and I think, will be tons better in a few years. It even had a touch of sediment when I picked it up. Lightly floral, with notes of tar, dirty rocks, some shmushed black cherries. The fruit is tempered by the young tannic structure.

What I love about this wine is that it is honest and tasty. Yes, it needs some TIME, but it tastes unique, a little rough around the edges, and is idiosyncratic. It makes me think of wines that are like miss Janice Dickinson. And I don't mean to say that all California wines are like this, because there are wines like this everywhere--even in Burgundy. And I don't mean to say that Janice wines are bad. They are just sort of tweaked, manipulated, blended, and lucky that they are (often) grown in conditions that are so easy to grow grapes. California is just blessed with a humungous amount of these larger-than life personalities and wines. Whatever, I love JDMA to death and could watch her every day be crazy, loud, showy, fake, and intoxicatingly trashy.

Cognitive dissonance: I really enjoy that shit on TV, but not in my glass.

Salud. That is the end of the glass.


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