Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Don't let the lack of posts distress you, I vow, for the umpteenth time, to continue updating this godforsaken blog. I always feel like talking about wine in some sort of fashion, yet I don't always feel the need to dwell on wine. Often wine comes as a key to something much more entertaining, and I don't mean because I get krunk and crazy. I mean I think about wine and then watch several episodes of Bravo's Make Me a Supermodel, quite possibly the best trashy show ever (or second only to JDMA).

No, I don't own a television.
No, I don't go over to a friend's house to watch it.
Yes, I youtube it.
Yes, I wish I had some way to get it in HDTV.

But I don't. But my extreme desire to watch and re-watch this show makes me think about taste. While I am uber-picky about the wine that I choose to by, and rarely put my money on sugarfied chocolicious oakies, and strive for reasonably-priced charming, singular wines. Same goes with food generally. (Chicago hot dogs are unique, regional food.) Also, I sort of love trashy music, and listen to it frequently. It induces the strut. How can I relate my bad taste in pop culture to my taste in wine? Or should I? Hmm.

More on this later, I am going to re-watch the SNL spoof of Christian from the P-roject Runway.

"Sweet pea, that dress looks like tranny ice cream."


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