Monday, January 21, 2008

Vieux Carre

I spend altogether too much time in front of this screen, delving into the sickening (yet fascinating) realm of wine esoterica or watching Project Runway and Janice Dickinson on youtube. [I don't own a TV, because if i did it'd suck my life away...because I love trashy television.] So I finished the most recent Janice and then headed off to taste Bordeaux.

Wow, baby left-banks ripped my tongue out. Even tasting the luscious stickies hurt (because I want to taste them in like 30 years when they'll be like dew from the gods). Actually these wines were pretty rockin' and tasty across the board. I none were underripe, many were a touch riper and more forward than I'd have liked, and only two or three really missed the mark for me. I love St. Em and Pom so much that it makes me weepy. In general, I feel that the Bordeaux '05 is rockin', but I still would rather spend that kind of money on something more esoteric. Free is good, though. Pomerol and trashy television.


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