Thursday, October 30, 2008

Cellar tracker.

So, I finally retrieved my meager wine collection from my sister’s lovely Chicago house. Many of the bottles are wines I’ve had before, some of which I’ve previously wrote about. This list is not to brag, boat, or gloat about my luck at getting access to great wines at great prices. But instead to give you a heads-up to what reviews may come in the near future and implore some help from my lurking readers. I’ve tasted some of these wines but never drank or paired them with anything. I’m going to try to (a) save money by drinking through this collection, save what I’ll age and (b) use wines as an inspiriation for my cooking.

Here is one aspect of my personal taste.

Um. Moving on. My cellar gives you a tad more insight to my taste in wine. You don't want to know my taste in TV or music. (I try to be hip.) One caveat: 90% or so of these wines were purchased on an amazing sale, so I snatched up a lot of wines that I may not have bought if they weren’t on supersale. I may have misspelled/misnamed a few wines, but I stuck most of the boxes back in my cavernous closet and I don’t really care to dig them out unless I’m drinking them.


  • Larmandier-Bernier, Blanc de Blanc 1er, NV
  • Larmandier-Bernier, Brut Tradition, NV
  • Pascal Doquet, Blanc de Blanc GC, NV
  • Henri Billiot, Brut Reserve GC, NV
  • Lamiable, Brut GC, NV
  • Vve. Eleonore, Blanc de Blanc GC, NV
  • Paul Goerg, Blanc de Blanc, NV
  • Paul Goerg, Brut 1er, 2002
  • Aubry, Brut 1er, NV
  • Bruno Paillard, Brut Tradition, NV


  • Foreau, Vouvray Brut, NV
  • Francois Pinon, Vouvray Petillant Brut, NV
  • Szigeti, Gruner Veltliner Brut, NV


  • Oliver, Creekbend Vineyard Valvin Muscat, 2007
  • Schafer-Frolich, Kabinett Nahe, 2006 (x2)
  • Lucashof, Kabinett Forster Bischofsgarten, 2005
  • St. Urbans-Hof, Kabinett Ockfener Bockstein
  • Dirler, Riesling Bollenberg, 2004
  • Albert Mann, Auxerrious VV, 2005
  • Weinbach, Pinot Gris Cuvee Laurence Altenbourg, 2004
  • Ch. Soucherie, Anjou Blanc, 2006
  • Francois Chidaine, Vouvray “Les Argiles”, 2005
  • Joly, Savennieres Roche-aux-Moines, 2004
  • Fevre, Chablis Fourchame Vignoble de Vaulorent 1er, 2005
  • Remi Jobard, Meursault Poruzot-Dessous 1er, 2004
  • Hubert Lamy, St-Aubin Murgers-du-Dents-du-Chien 1er, 2002
  • Bodegas Hidalgo, Manzanilla “La Gitana”, NV (I’ve had a lot of this, and just have to keep some around in case of a craving.)


  • J.P. Brun, Terres Dorees, Beaujolais VV Anciens, 2007
  • Marcel Lapierre, Morgon, 2007
  • Diochon, Moulin-a-Vent VV, 2005
  • Digioia-Royer, Bourgogne, 2005
  • Chevillon, Nuits-St-Georges Bousselot 1er, 2003
  • Groffier, Chambolle-Musigny Sentiers 1er, 2004
  • Marquis d’Angerville, Volnay Freimets 1er, 2002
  • Jean-Francouis Merieau, Touraine Cot “Cent Visages”, 2005
  • Dashe, Zinfandel Potter Valley, McFadden Farms “L’Enfant Terrible”, 2007
  • J. Ventura, Vina Caneiro Ribeira Sacra, 2006
  • Chanteleuserie, Bourgueil VV, 2005
  • Oliver, Creekbend Vineyard Chambourcin, 2007
  • Prunotto, Barbera d’Asti, 2006
  • Castello di Farnatella, Chianti Colli Senesi, 2006
  • Selvapiana, Chianti Rufina, 2005
  • Vietti, Nebbiolo “Perbacco”, 2004
  • Vietti, Barolo Lazzarito, 2003
  • Bartolo Mascarello, Barolo, 2000 (Drank it…amazing!)
  • Ch. Sansonnet, St-Emilion GC “Sam’s Cuvee”, 2005
  • Oliver, Creekbend Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon, 2004
  • Long Shadows, Pirouette, 2003 (A gift.)

Now, I implore my readers (please!) to give me advice about what to pair with this vino, whether to open it soon or keep it for some number of years. If you’ve had these recently (or in the past): what do you think? I’m just starting out as a collector and would like to know your strategies for value purchases and timing of purchases. Also, these are in boxes in my closet in my garden-level apartment. A cool closet has always been my storage facility of choice, but is there a better place?

Feedback, is quite appreciated. It's like should just do it because it's good.

I have watched this video about a dozen times this week. Is that insensitive of me? Kristin Wiig is genius in everything she does.


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