Saturday, October 25, 2008

Beaujo 2007

As ya’ll know, the Beaujo (Please don’t abbreviate “BoJo”—it reads lewd.) is one of my favorites/obsessives. I was back in ChiChi last weekend and grabbed a few of my favorites, both for about $16. I’ve had a bottle of the Terres Dorees l’Ancien 2007 this summer, but I hadn’t had the 2007 Lapierre yet.I miss Chicago terribly, not only because I can get my Louis/Dressner fix there, but because of the vibrant cultural atmosphere. (Entrepreneurs—what Chitown needs is a hipster natural wine bar. It would be bonkers awesome.) I went up to Andersonville (my #1 favorite neighborhood) and headed to meet a friend at a wine bar and wound up getting their VERY early. So I happened to walk into a little, unassuming corner liquor store that I had passed hundreds of times without giving it a second thought. (Which is right near Hopleaf, the best beer bar and gastropub I’ve ever encountered. I love their food too.) Upon entering and eyeing about 4 bottles, I was sold—this store is a gem! I saw a Lallement Brut NV and the ever-blogged-about Dashe l’Enfant Terrible Zin and the Merieau Touraine Cot, and thought, LOVE IT! SO I bought the latter two, but was disappointed about their lack of Beaujo. Anyway—if you are in A-ville you should stop by the liquor store on the NE corner of Clark & Foster. (Kate, we really should have gone there.)

So I headed to the bar and spied a bottle with a conspicuously simple white label with a large cursive word on the front and a cherry-red wax top and knew—I have to have a glass. Mmm. Morgon. After tasting Brun’s 2007 l’Ancien in July and Lapierre’s 2007 Morgon at the bar (as well as Duboeuf’s entire icky-bland-tastic Cru line up and a few Jadot in early July) I have an idea on how a few 2007 Beaujo (good Beaujo) tastes. Whereas 2005 has this amazing brooding dark core of structure and crazy ageability, and 2006 has a little more softness and frivolity without being overly light and thin, 2007 seems to me to possess a few traits (they may be from youth, too): pepper (aromatically), super vivid tangy fruit (strawberry, and tart red cherry), and bright floral notes (more lavender than violet), and a satisfyingly lacy refreshment quality. I’m in love, that’s totally my style. After having a few too many 2005 Beaujo that have shut down into massive cocoons of inaccessibility, I’m relieved to find some happy early drinkers!

Marcel Lapierre, Morgon, 2007, $17

Lipstick red. Aromas of rhubarb, a touch of light flowers and pepper, and red tart cherry. Soft and seductive cherry fruit. This really opens up after time. Tastiness

JP Brun, Terres Dorees, Beaujolais l’Ancien (Vieilles Vignes) 2007, $16

Bright cherry red, aromas of white pepper, lavender, wild strawberries, with flavors that follow suit, and that lovely pepper spice coming in on the end (and not alcohol-induced pepprer, either). I prefer this over 90% of basic Bourgogne rouge at double the price. A by-the-case. (Silly drama about declassifying this beauty. Even if they do, I’ll pay the same price.)



Blogger Kate Korroch said...

I want some "lip stick red" wine! Yes, it is a SHAME that we missed that. You better move back at some point so we can still have our weekend together!

Miss you!

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