Sunday, December 21, 2008

A night of my favorites!

A few weeks back, I needed a night of indulgences. I was returning from Chicago and got my hands on some good cheese and needed to share it with some friends…and finally procured some wines that I just needed to enjoy. Cheeses: Pleasant Ridge Reserve, Robiola, Gres des Vosges, Rogue River Blue.

It’s no secret that my favorite place for Chardonnay is the Cote de Blancs in Champagne (a close second is Chardonnay from other communes in Champagne). I bought a bottle of some RM Champagne from a producer I’ve never heard of because it was (1) absurdly on sale, (2) it was a blanc de blancs from a grower based in Oger.

Vve. Eleonore Blanc de Blancs Grande Reserve NV (Oger)

Very nice bright golden hue and steady bubbles. This was pure, unadulterated ripe Champagne Chardonnay. I think it’s a blend of Crus, but I don’t know. I can’t read their French website totally. Not the most complex of bubblies, but the purity of fruit, with its yellow apple and meyer lemon loveliness and buoyant acids (not sharp, but round and with a forward-thrusting momentum…if that makes sense). We all really enjoyed this. I don’t know if I’d pay full price for it, but it sure is tasty.

Francois Chidaine Vouvray “Les Argiles” 2005, 14%abv, $25

Fucking love Chidaine. Sorry, I can’t say it enough. This was the third bottle of the night and I could have enjoyed it all night. Quite a big boy @ 14% abv, but he held it well, and it was great with the cheese. The fruit was very ripe, I can tell, and the acids were move evolved than the last bottle I had. All quince, honey, and rainbows. Big complexity. My unsuspecting friends didn’t know what to make of this, but they sure made quick business of it. I have two bottles of Mr. Chidaine’s 2005 Montlouis Les Tuffeaux waiting for me when I want some Chenin Candy!

Speaking of A Louis/Dressner wine. You must read Captain Tumor Man, Joe Dressner's blog. Great wine, great man, great attitude. Get well soon.

And you really should listen to Janelle Monae’s EP Metropolis: The Chase Suite. She is amazing. Afro-punk about robots—nice. Here’s new music vid:


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