Monday, May 08, 2006

Alella and Scallops

Sunday: Adventures and Cooking

So on Sunday we actually rose early and started the day off right and went around town, looked for a bike, ate some yummy tuna salad for lunch, and decided that’d we’d make dinner. We went to Whole Foods for a good long time and browsed, sampled, sampled, and sampled a little more and decided to make a few things. Scallops, fried green tomatoes, and some Portobello mushrooms with goat cheese and greens. We, (I mean, I) overspent a little at the store, came home and after a while decided it was time to try our hands at scallops. I surfed la internet for a while trying to figure out how to cook them, and I figured it out, high heat, very short cook time or they get tough. Well, I overboiled the broccoli because I was distracted by the shellfish. Jason, on the other hand made an amazing sauce with shallots, garlic, red pepper, butter, flour, wine (I’ll get to it, I promise.), and some veggie stock. I overcooked the scallops a little and kept calling them shallots instead. We needed some bread, so we just has a slice of plain ol’ grain bread. The sauce was yum yum yummy and rich. I wish we would’ve had some cream to use instead of flour. But in the end, we had loads of scallops and it was great. Then the wine.

Oh, the wine! So, on our way home form American Apparel we walked passed Sip and went in, the girl, lounging in the doorway with a glass, told us that she has a couple of bottles open and that she could pour us a few tastes. We had very healthy (more than ¾ ounce) tastes of a Verdecchio and a Viognier. The first was in a really nifty bottle, but was a little to herbal and grassy for me, and the Viognier has the lovely honeysuckle nose and a nice flavor, but not with the scallops. Jason, the red wine fan, suggested that we get a wine that he had at a tasting, even though he’s already enjoyed a bottle. And if Jason is suggesting a white wine—it must be good. And Sip only had one left besides the one used as the display. Yum.

Marqués de Alella Parxet Classico 2004 Pansa Blanca
• Alella, Spain. I need to explain Alella a little. It’s interesting and cute. Alella is a tiny little Denominació d'Origen north of Barcelona—only about 400 hectares of vineyards in total and Marqués de Alella and the region’s other winemaker, Parxet, have joined forces to sort of rehabilitate Alella, and both names are on the label of this wine.
• 100% Pansa Blanca (which I’ve read is either related to or another name for Xarel-lo)
• $12 @ Sip
• Golden hay color—Jason said it reminded him of Wonder Woman’s golden lasso.
• Nose—crisp lemony scents, makes your mouth water, a little bit of lemon curd, blanched almond, and maybe a tad white flowers and mineral scents. Complex yet very simple and not too crazy.
• Taste—Oh buddy, lovely mouth-watering lip-smacking lemon curd with the tiniest touch of creaminess, a nice bracing minerality and, boy does it linger in your mouth. Complex and doesn’t get boring.
• 11.5% alcohol/volume—amazing, I could drink it all night…and did.
• Wonderful with scallops, and would be great with any seafood dish that you’d squirt lemon onto.
• Q: 9.75
• V: 9.75

Sorry, I went back today and got the last bottle of it. Toodles!


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