Monday, May 08, 2006

The Weekend, Lovely

So for the past few days, Jason and I have been relaxing and just having low-key sorts of fun, which obviously involves wine. The weekend was chock-full of food and wine and I’m going to have to rack my brain to remember it all.

Friday…Friday…what did we do on Friday? Um. Well, Friday I ventured out to the wineland that I call Magazine Street here in New Orleans, and stopped by my favorite wine store and the store that bares my name. First, I went to Sip, glad to see the ol’ place, and I talked to the girl working there and told her I was just browsing and that I’d be back later. So then I headed further west on Magazine and went to Martin’s Wine Cellar, and was very disappointed with the service. Martin’s has an amazing selection of wines, many of them very hard to find, but the prices are still good. There’s a great range of wines and prices. The employees weren’t very helpful, and I heard them helping two women, and decided not to ask them for a nice Chablis. Meh, I thought, I’m going back to Sip. So I did. And I told the girl I wanted something pink. She suggested a rosé from France in the Earthy category. It was a measly $10, so I invested. Haven't popped that one yet.


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