Monday, May 08, 2006

Some Fizzled

Saturday: After a long night and a lot of Georgle Clinton and Parliament-Funkadelic, I slept in. It was fabulous. That night, Jason and I went to Sip, and grabbed a Garnacha (Grenache) rosé from Spain and some Gloria Ferrer Blanc de Noir NV to quench my desire for bubbly. Needless to say, bubbly isn’t Jason’s cup of tea (or wine), and this one didn’t quench me the way I wanted it to. Blanc de noir sparklers have intrigued me—made totally from black (or red, if you will) grapes--most often pinot noir--that are practically clear in the glass. I poured it with some Tortilla chips and some guacamole.

Gloria Ferrer Blanc de Noir NV
• Sonoma, California
• $14 @ Sip
• 12.5 % alcohol/volume
• Very very very pale brick pink color with tiny bubbles
• Light strawberry mineral, a teesny bit yeasty in the nose.
• Pleasant firm taste to it, bright strawberry, a little minerality, a little yeasty (funky) quality, light creamy finish to it.
• Not too bad, but a needed a little more zing or something. Not my favorite, but I did drink it out or the bottle to finish it off the second day. Great with fresh Louisiana strawberries.
• Q: 7.25
• V: 7.5


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