Thursday, May 04, 2006

To Start Anew

Preface: I sincerely apologize to my dear beloved reader or two that I haven't updated this for months. The semester took over my life, and the idea of having to totally revise and fill in the gaps proved daunting. But, luckily I kept drinking wine, talking about it, and have recently inundated myself with other wine blogs. I love them, and someday hope to be a place where I can actually help people choose a tasty wine, or at least provide them with some literary gastronomic entertaiment. So, in the next two weeks I will make it one of my goals (and I have very few right now) to update at least twice daily about wine, the wine blogosphere, wine shops, and anything else that strikes my fancy. This way, I can keep this sucker polished and ready for action from now on. Happy reading.


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