Friday, December 09, 2005

Lovely Christening

So I intend to keep up this blog as a record of the wine I drink and the fun times I have, which are often inseperable. I am a young, new oenophile, and find that wine tasting and descriptions are fun, not snobbish at all. It's all about what you taste in your mouth and articulation, and I think it makes me smarter. I also love food, so there'll be a lot of mention of food in my bloggie as well.

I don't have a special occasion for wine tonight, but I promise I will let you know how my next bottle will be. My dorky self just made a spreadsheet describing the contents of my eight-bottle under-bed wine rack--pathetic, I know. I'm in college and can't to any better than that right now.

Until the next sip


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