Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Alsace in Oregon

Oh, That Fateful Pair.

I’m talking about Asian cuisine and gewürztraminer. Last night, Jason and I decided it was time for the good ol’ Chinese takeout. So we decided on the Chinese/Vietnamese August Moon on Prytania near Touro Hospital. It was no Dragon Express, but it was tasty, and we ate too much. Before we went, though, wine was on our mind. We walked down the street to Sip and paroused their selection of wine that’d pair with the Chinese, we nixed Riesling because we didn’t want to spike our blood sugar levels and didn’t know which were dry and which were off-dry, and Viognier is always too high octane for a light night of sipping. So it was gewürztraminer—a 2003 Foris from the Rogue Valley (neat name) of southern Oregon.

2003 Foris Gewürztraminer
• Rogue Valley Oregon: this AVA (American Viticultural Area) is south of the more popular or well known Oregon AVA of the Willamette Valley, and Foris uses the cooler climate to make many Alsacian-inspired wines like Pinot Blanc (a new favorite of mine) and gewürztraminer.
• 100% gewürztraminer (also the fact sheet for this wine tells me that it’s proudly 100% estate grown).
• Residual Sugar: 0.2%—now that’s what I like in a gewürztraminer.
• Eye: Nice light hay color. Very pale sunny. Mmm.
• Nose: Super floral, honeyed, orange blossom even, but a little closed for a gewürztraminer, not too spicy but clean and refreshing summer aromas, with a little mineral quality to it even. Almost like a Viognier.
• Mouth. Wow! Dry! We love it! Very smooth, floral, refreshing up front, with a lovely purity, then an almost peppery finish to it—really fun. The finish is long complex and dry-y-y-y in the best possible way. It’s a little high in alcohol, but now that I look back on it, it’s so great. Lovely job, Foris.
• $16.99 @ Sip
• Paired with some Spring Rolls in a peanut sauce, with Bean Curd & Veggies, and a Spicy Scallops w/Veggies. Mmm. I ate too much…but we finished the bottle off right away!


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